Preschool shows in Melbourne!

Bringing the community together with singing, dancing, stories and laughter! High quality children’s shows the whole family will love 

Live musical storytelling performances for children

Nothing is more magical than seeing the smiles on young faces while laughter fills the air and excited
little voices echo through the crowd.

My children’s musical storytelling performances are carefully crafted to engage young minds, capture hearts and spark the imagination. Musical, whimsical, silly, and sweet, each highly interactive show is a special addition to any family event. Easily adaptable, my shows can be tailored to suit your particular venue or occasion.

2024 shows

Twinkle and the Moon

Snuggled into their blanket cubby house, Jem and Twinkle always share a book together before nap time. Today they’re reading a book about a rocket ship! But…when the book is finished and it’s time for bed…Twinkle wants to play a game instead!

Join Jem and Twinkle as we use the power of imagination to blast off on an adventure full of sing-a-long songs, make believe and fantastical storytelling. A show by acclaimed children’s music and story artist, Nadia Sunde, adapted from her book ‘Twinkle Just Won’t Go To Bed’.

A focus on foundational Literacy and Numeracy skills

45 minutes duration

Suitable for Children ages 2 – 8


Damo & Jem!

Damian Peck (Damo Music For Kids) and Jemma Armstrong (Jamming With Jemma) combine their musical and theatrical skills to present a fantastic show for young children and their families. With original and much-loved songs, games, silliness, stories, dancing and loads of audience interaction, this dynamic duo will have the whole family up on their feet and leaving in high spirits. Commended for their warm-hearted and approachable style of performing, Jem and Damo come together in their very first joint production to bring families and communities together the best way possible: with music.

45 minutes duration

Suitable for ages 3 – 8

Bush Fairy Tales With Fairy Jem

Join Fairy Jem for a magical storytelling using music, pictures and natural materials. This theatrical, immersive experience is designed to encourage children to connect with nature and appreciate
the beauty and magic of the natural world. Bush-inspired songs, stories and poetry, cute characters and a sprinkling of magic will leave the audience starry-eyed, and feeling calm and connected to nature.

*This performance can also include a craft workshop creating things inspired by the story using materials collected from the forest or garden.*

40 minutes duration + 30 minute workshop

Suitable for Children ages 3 – 8

 Jamming with Jem at Christmas! 

A sparkly, musical and highly interactive Christmas show for the whole family! Combining puppetry, live music, comedy and audience participation, featuring original songs and much loved Christmas classics from across the world, Jem & the Christmas Surprise is a celebration of Christmas that everyone can enjoy!

45 minutes duration

Suitable for children aged 2 – 8 and their families


*Can also be offered as a Christmas themed music workshop for 0 – 5 year old’s 

Loving words from happy clients

On behalf of our Neighbourhood group, a message to say how much we enjoyed your efforts and presentation of the children’s stories you presented at our Xmas party at Hanworth House. So much so that we have been asked if you will be coming again next year!

Justeen Gregory

Zone co-ordinator | East Brisbane Neighbourhood Watch

Thank you again for 3 wonderful performances. The program was engaging and was appropriate for the age group of 0-5 year olds. 

Leanne Hickey

Families and Playgroups Officer | Melton City Council

Discover the joy of music in early childhood education

Together, let’s fill their young hearts with the magic of music and watch them thrive.