Get ready to Jam with Jemma!

Structured around the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), my music & movement sessions are perfect for preschool incursions or family events.

Bring the joy of music into your childcare or family centre

Working with your centre, my music & movement sessions are adaptable to explore key themes like the
importance of Country, nature’s wonders, our emotions, musical concepts, and much more.

I tailor my music sessions to fit in with your curriculum, all while supporting early childhood development in a fun and safe environment.

Music encourages:

Belonging – family, friendship, community, safety

Being – fun, play, challenges

Becoming – discoveries, learning, identity

Learn the benefits and details of our program below:

Weekly Program

One-Off Incursions

Public Sessions

Jamming with Jemma will rock your preschool incursion!

Get up and dance to the beat

In a warm and fun environment, children are encouraged to stand up and move, either following a group dance or expressing their individuality by breaking out their own awesome moves. Using fun props, children explore how the music makes them feel and how to move to tell a story or act as a character.

Play with music and instruments

You’ve got to love the wild imaginations of children and what they come up with when given new tools! By letting them having a go at different instruments, they’re working on their fine motor skills, sense of rhythm, and are exploring new ways to creatively express themselves. I love involving the children to interact as a group, asking them to contribute to making up new songs and dances unique to our group.

Learn new topics while having heaps of fun

With music being a universal language, it’s the perfect way to teach young children about the world around us, sharing songs and stories of different cultures and historical periods. There are so many themes we can explore to suit your group! And it’s all done through songs to sing and dance to, games to play, stories to tell and a heap of fun along the way.

Jamming with Jemma sessions

Weekly Program

Tailored to fit your schedule and curriculum, this term-by-term music & movement program can suit any childcare or family centre.

One-Off Incursions

Fun-filled workshops for your centre or family venue, jam-packed with songs, stories, sensory play and lots of colourful props and instruments!

Public Sessions

Working with Neighbourhood Houses and councils, I offer affordable one-off or weekly music classes. Local events are also catered for.

Loving words from happy clients

Jemma works with three different age groups at our Billy Kids Early Learning School – babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers and I am very impressed with the natural way she taps into each of those age groups. Her choice of songs and music movement for each age group is fantastic… The children, staff and parents all love having Jemma at Billy Kids!

Donna Wilcocks

Billy Kids Pymble Director

Thank you again for 3 wonderful performances. The program was engaging and was appropriate for the age group of 0-5 year old’s.

Leanne Hickey

Families and Playgroups Officer, Melton City Council

Let’s chat about music and children

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