Inspiring wonder in the early years with music & theatre!

As a children’s performer and music educator, my goal is to inspire little people to have big hearts, big curiosity, and be brave explorers of their potential, creative ideas, and the wonderful world around us.

“It’s Music Time… Let’s get ready to play!”

 Music is fun! It’s creative, freeing, and a universal language for all to understand – even children who can’t talk yet!
Processing music uses the same part of the brain involved in learning a language, so listening to and engaging with music helps children learn words quicker – not to mention all the other amazing benefits!

I feel it is so important for children to connect to, and interact with, culture and the arts.

As a children’s music performer and educator who uses the Early Years Learning Framework as a program
structure, I understand how nurturing creativity through music is vital for children’s development.

As a sensitive person myself, I intuitively tap into the energy of the group I am working with.
My sessions are adjusted in the moment to match the energy levels of the participants, sensitively tailoring
each activity to suit the sensory needs of the group. 

My music and incursions encourage children to find ways to express themselves safely, push past fears to
explore new things, and find their own voice as creative individuals.

My Associations

A few fun facts about me!

Did you know I’m a trained classical flute player? My musical journey started when I was only 4 years old, in a leafy little town called Roleystone, Western Australia, where my parents gifted me opportunities to join theatre groups, dance classes and music schools. After completing a Bachelor of Music at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (the same campus as Hugh Jackman!) I’ve gone on to enjoy an endlessly vibrant and diverse career in children’s music, theatre and TV production. Some highlights so far:

  • Playing a purple owl puppet called Hootabelle on ABC Kids’ program Giggle and Hoot
  • Performing with Andy Day and Phil Gallagher (Mr Maker) in the Australian stage show of BBC’s Andy’s Amazing Adventures
  • Working in the Philippines and Canada producing music & visual content for TV series Preschool Play
  • Running family sessions and producing videos at Lost In Books in Sydney, a social hub that offers a safe space for women and children with diverse backgrounds who speak different languages

I work intuitively

  • I use my craft to nurture empathy, explore emotions, and offer a sense of belonging in a calm, warm and caring environment
  • When I was younger, I would (well, if I’m honest, I still do!) feel emotions intensely and be deeply affected by things, so I understand how sensitive little ones can be. I carry this awareness in all of my work
  • I find that music, story and imaginative play are wonderful ways to explore self-expression and offer a vital creative outlet to promote mental health


  • I love to dance – I’m particularly good at the ‘daggy’ variety
  • If I’m not doing a shameless boogie to ABBA in the kitchen, you’ll find me wandering through the local bushland or hiking through the hills, where my creative ideas often come as if by magic
  • I’m an introvert, and while my shows can be very high energy, I do love my quiet time!

My Associations

My Values

Embrace your true self

Appreciate who you are, love yourself
& be authentic

Connect with community

Find belonging, identity and kindness
with the people around you

Joy and silliness

Share laughter, spread smiles & don’t
be afraid to be silly!

Play in nature

Appreciate the wonders of nature & lose yourself in it

Set your mind free

Let your imagination run wild & follow your bliss

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Kind words from fellow creatives

Jemma brings such joy, creativity and fun to everything she does! She’s the real deal!

Karin Fitzhardinge

Director, Giggle & Hoot (ABC Kids)

A unique talent, she is able to engage, inspire and win the hearts of littlies and families with effortless joy…

Nadia Sunde

ABC personality and international award-winning children's writer/musician

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